Coffee in Good Company with Professor Jaap Winter

Coffee in Good Company is a series of 30 minute sessions on how we can achieve better business in Europe through stakeholder governance – organized by B Lab Europe’s Interdependence Coalition.

In this session, we had the pleasure to host Professor Jaap Winter.

Jaap Winter is professor of international company law at the University of Amsterdam and professor of Corporate Law, Governance and Behaviour at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and was the chairman of the High Level Group of Company Law Experts that advised the EU Commission on Corporate Law and Corporate Governance in the EU in 2001-2002. So Jaap is beautifully placed to talk about the implications of legally mandating companies to be run in the interests of all stakeholders and why this is such a moment that the EU must seize.

Jaap had coffee with by Katie Hill, CEO and Chair of B Lab Europe and Wojciech Baginski, co-founder of the B Corp movement in Poland. Wojciech is an international lawyer admitted in NY, England and Wales and in Poland. Within the B Lab Europe network he is helping with public policy projects related to the EU’s legislative shift towards Pan-European sustainable corporate governance. His law firm – Baginski.Pro – advised the first publicly listed company from Europe to become certified as a B Corp and their transition to stakeholder governance models.