Watch the Interdependence Coalition launch eventhere

The Interdependence Coalition is setting out to change company law at a European level, so we can truly unleash the power of business to be the force for good.

But influencing policy across the region is a long-term ambition that will require time, evidence, and strength in numbers. With the launch of the Interdependence Coalition, we aim to:

  • Build a strong case for stakeholder governance and management through research and case studies from companies that are leading the way
  • Demystify the concept of stakeholder governance and management and equip more businesses with resources to engage their directors
  • Build a coalition of leaders across business, academia, law, policy making, and environmental practice to speak with one voice on the changes we seek in response to the European Commission’s proposal on Sustainable Stakeholder Governance

To date our starting point is the Consultation on Sustainable Corporate Governance. Learn more about how this consultation fits into the European regulatory context here.

The progress on the Sustainable Corporate Governance consultation has been as follows:

October 2020:
EU Parliament exhorts the European Commission to extend “Directors’ duty of care and additional measures to make corporate governance more  sustainability-oriented”

November 2020:
EU Commission opens up a consultation on Sustainable Corporate Governance

February 2021:
B Lab Europe and The Good Lobby led a process to submit a collective response to the consultation,  signed by over 60 Companies, summarised in this cover letter, and this press release

EU Commission produced a summary report on responses from the Consultation (downloadable here under “Contributions to the Consultation”)

March 2021: European Parliament publishes a resolution with recommendations to the Commission on corporate due diligence and corporate accountability (download here)

April 2021:
EU Commission brings in the DG Internal Affairs to work on this proposal alongside DG JUST (Politico, May 2021)

May 2021:
EU Commission delays the adopting of a proposal on Sustainable Corporate Governance until the Autumn  (Politico, May 2021)

June 30th 2021:
Interdependence Coalition is launched

We will come back to you once the EU Commission “adopts” its proposal and we will regroup with The Coalition signatories to review and determine our collective response; we expect this in the Autumn but have no more precision on timing yet from the EU.

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Unpacking Stakeholder Governance

While the concept of stakeholder governance and management has been gaining a lot of traction, there are still many myths and misconceptions about what it means in practice to run your business in the interest of people and the planet.

For starters, we can define stakeholders as all those who either contribute to, and/or are affected by the business and therefore have a “stake” in it.