The Interdependence Coalition's Advocacy Efforts

First published on November 21, 2023

Since 2021, our efforts to advocate for Article 25 have included:

– Developing three position papers over the progress of the directive

– Sharing position papers with 705 MEPs

– Writing to 4 members of the European Commission & to delegates from each member state

– Meeting with the European Commission drafters of Directive and Head of Unit

– Meeting with the Rapporteur in the European Parliament for CSDDD and sustaining ongoing communication with her team

– Creating a petition with 540 signatories to Save Article 25, translated into French, Italian, German, Dutch and Spanish

– Meeting with national parliamentarians and representatives from certain member states

– Interviewing 12 leaders for our Coffee in Good Company Series

– Hosted 4 webinars to keep our network informed on the CSDDD and why Article 25 is so important, including: 

– Forming partnerships with several other advocacy organisations for bi-weekly intel updates 

– Writing and being interviewed for published articles and podcasts (including Euronews, Euroactiv, Pioneers Post and Forbes)

– Speaking at various conferences about Article 25, including ChangeNow, TedX Varese, B Corp Summits, B for Good Leaders, International Bar Association annual meeting and other lawyer events

In total our team has reached out to 1,525 different contact points within these institutions and representations.