Coffee in Good Company with Eric Ezechieli, Nativa

Coffee in Good Company is a series of 30 minute sessions on how we can achieve better business in Europe through stakeholder governance – organized by B Lab Europe’s Interdependence Coalition.

In this session, we had the pleasure to host Eric Ezechieli, Co-founder of Nativa.

Eric Ezechieli is a regenerative entrepreneur. Nativa is the first Benefit Corporation and B Corp in Europe, dedicated to accelerating the diffusion of regenerative business.

In our conversation over coffee, Eric Ezechieli talked to Yeliz Mert from B Lab Europe to demystify what stakeholder governance means in practice. The co-founders of Nativa were instrumental in seeing the Benefit Corporation legal form adopted in Italy. We heard about the numerous attempts it took to register Nativa as a stakeholder governed company and the change it triggered in propelling a regenerative economic approach.