Coffee in Good Company with Peter Blom, Triodos

Coffee in Good Company is a series of 30 minute sessions on how we can achieve better business in Europe through stakeholder governance – organized by B Lab Europe’s Interdependence Coalition.

In this week’s session, we had the pleasure to host Peter Blom, former CEO at Triodos.

Peter Blom joined the Executive Board of Triodos Bank 1989 and was CEO and Chair of this Board since 1997. At the beginning of this month, Peter stepped down from his responsibility at Triodos. He is also Founder and Chair of the Board of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (, member of the Board of the Dutch Banking Association, full member of the Club of Rome, and many more.

As CEO at Triodos, Peter Blom said: “Our mission – to use money consciously to create positive development in society, with human dignity at its core – has been a guiding principle throughout and has found a lot of resonance in society and the financial sector. It is as relevant today as it was in those early days, presenting an exciting future for Triodos Bank and its stakeholder community.”