Coffee in Good Company with Pedro Tarak, Sistema B

Coffee in Good Company is a series of 30 minute sessions on how we can achieve better business in Europe through stakeholder governance – organized by B Lab Europe’s Interdependence Coalition.

In this session, we had the pleasure to host Pedro Tarak, co-founder of Sistema B.

Pedro co-founded Sistema B in 2011 after decades of experience in cross-country dialogue and implementing solutions for social and environmental problems across Latin America and Europe.

Sistema B, B Lab’s Latin American global partner, is a non-profit organization that believes that governments, civil society organizations, social movements, citizens and businesses’ social responsibility, all together, are not enough to solve our current social and environmental problems. It promotes B Corps and other economic actors in Latin America in order to build a new economy, in which success and financial benefits include social and environmental well-being. 

Pedro also co-founded Emprendia, the first B Corp in Argentina, and became a board member and shareholder of Guayakí, a beverage firm that includes ecosystem regeneration and social inclusion in its core business.