Coffee in Good Company with Peter Paul van de Wijs from GRI

In this week’s session, we will have the pleasure to host Peter Paul van de Wijs, Chief External Affairs Officer at GRI (Global Reporting Initiative).

As the Chief External Affairs Officer, Peter Paul van de Wijs is responsible for driving effective advocacy for GRI around the world, developing and implementing GRI’s global internal and external communications strategy and maintaining the external relations.

Peter Paul has over 20 years of professional experience in communications and sustainability. In addition to leading his own business, Peter Paul has held executive positions at the LEGO Foundation and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

GRI provides vital support to governments and market regulators in the development of sustainability reporting policies and regulations to stimulate corporate transparency and accountability. Around the world, more than 160 policies in over 60 countries and regions reference or require GRI for reporting.

GRI envisions a sustainable future enabled by transparency and open dialogue about impacts. This is a future in which reporting on impacts is common practice by all organizations around the world. As provider of world’s most widely used sustainability disclosure standards, they are a catalyst for that change.

“Why double-materiality is crucial for reporting organizational impacts”, read more and download the white paper here:

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