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We want to change company law at a European level with you, so we can truly unleash the power of business as a force for good. We will come back to you once the EU Commission “adopts” its proposal and we will regroup with The Coalition signatories to review and determine our collective response; we expect this in the Autumn but have no more precision on timing yet from the EU.

By signing up to the Interdependence Coalition, my organization agrees to:

1. Support the three basic principles towards achieving better business:

  • From voluntary to mandatory stakeholder governance
  • Aligning investment and corporate governance
  • Creating EU-wide aligned requirements

2. List our company name and logo on this website

3. Ongoing advocacy for the Interdependence Coalition and participation in future campaign activities

4. Not undertake any corporate activity that would undermine the objectives of the campaign

5. Act and communicate in a non party-political manner

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